Winter Wreaths

2017 Winter Wreaths

Come Autumn time, when the colours and textures change, we dedicate a lot of our time to crafting floral arrangements to match the season. This autumn and winter, we are bringing you some delightful wreaths to warm up your home.

We combine pine, spruce, eucalyptus, hydrangea, ferns, rose hips, pine cones, oranges, lavender and all sorts of other natural ingredients. 

Our wreaths come in different styles and sizes. They can be traditional Christmas wreaths, or more wild, colourful and asymmetric.  We can combine any style and decorative arrangements to match your requirements.

See the foot of the page for a price list. And remember, we deliver!


Decorated Christmas Wreath

Physalis, hydrangea, cotton, poppy heads and seasonal foilage mixture.


Decorated Christmas Wreath

Spruce, copper birch twigs, hydrangea, oranges and ivy


Natural and Plain Christmas Wreath

Spruce, eucalyptus, copper birch twigs, pine cones


Decorated Hydrangea Wreaths

Dried hydrangea, mixture of decorative elements


Natural and Plain Christmas Wreath

Spruce, eucalyptus, copper birch twigs, pine cones and larch



Bespoke Wild Wreath

This is an example of a custom made wreath for one of our customers. She wanted a bespoke, extra large and wild design. We can make any kind of wreath to fit your requirements. Found on this wreath; hydrangea, beech, dried ferns, rose hips and seed heads.

Price List 

Hydrangea Wreaths

Large (14 in)

Plain - 27.50

Decorated - 30.00

Medium (12 in)

Plain - 22.50

Decorated - 25.00

Small (10 in)

Plain - 15.00

Decorated - 17.50

Christmas Wreaths

Large (14 - 16 in)

Plain - 25.00

Decorated - 35.00

Medium (12 - 14 in)

Plain - 20.00

Decorated - 30.00

Small (10 - 12 in)

Plain - 12.00

Decorated - 18.00